About Secure Login Manager

Web Hosting, Support, Remote Support most of the time they ask their customer to send their FTP, Cpanel, admin area login information sometimes the customer is afraid to send his login information because he doesn't trust the security of who's handling the sensitive information with our ticket sensitive data module your customer will feel safe sending his/her sensitive information by encrypting the information in the database.

All text can be changed via the included templates. We have included a modified “six” theme which includes the additions of buttons for clients on the supportticketsubmit-confirm.tpl file and the viewticket.tpl file.

Pioneer Highlights of WHMCS Secure Login Manager

  • Professionally designed and Advanced Text Editors for clients to share Sensitive, no more text boxes for important information.
  • Get Fully Encrypted Text Mode to share Online Work Belongings.
  • Highly Encrypted Database is provided just to secure your Client's signup details. Credentials are fully encrypted in your database.
  • Clients have complete authority to update the credentials given at any time using Advanced Edit Settings.
  • Clients can withdraw access to FTP, SSH, cPanel, and [.]htaccess by Just deleting the Information given earlier.
  • The Support team members can Import Unlimited Credentials and attach them to tickets when requested by the client.
  • Your Clients Send their details in Specific Language in Ticket. All your client's text can be changed to suit your needs.
  • Get access to Modified Template Files for Easy editing of buttons and Elements to highlight the Text. A Unique Ticket Number will be assigned for Each Ticket to Search Specific credentials of Each Client.

General Information

  • Supports WHMCS Version 7 or higher
  • Supports IonCude Loaders
  • Support Module License Key


In this tutorial we will show you how to successfully install and manage Modules Basket - WHMCS Secure Login Manager Module. We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

  • Log in to our client area.

  • Download the Modules from your Client area Under your Services. Services→ My Services → Download New
  • You will find the File - Download (Test-secure-logins.zip)

  • Upload the Files under WHMCS folder and extract the files. Note - Make Sure to change the update the ADMIN folder name as per your configuration.

  • Now Login to WHMCS Admin area. Go to Setup→Addon Modules→Secure Logins Manager.

  • To Activate Click on Activate
  • License Key: Add the license key provided in the email.
  • Delete records: This checkbox will delete the saved login details when a ticket is closed.
  • Database Table: The database will be cleared once the module is deactivated.
  • Access Control: To set the access privileges to admins.
  • Once you have activated the Secure Logins Manager Modules, you will see the license status under Addons → Secure Login Manager.

Client Area

Your Secure Login Manager module is ready to use.

  • Add new Ticket
  • When a ticket is opened in Client area, a different section will be shown to add secure login details.

  • Click on Submit Login credentials

  • Here, you can add all the credentials required for the ticket. These records will be displayed in the ticket.
  • You can add more than one record/ delete records in one ticket by clicking Submit/Update Login Credentials. All records will be listed in Secure Records section.

Admin Panel

In WHMCS Panel

  • Secure records will be found in the ticket in WHMCS.
  • Clicking on it will open a new form where all the details are displayed.
  • All the records will be deleted once the ticket is closed.